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GPC Dunwoody math student Guy Henderson helps Dunwoody Elementary children with a math game called “Jumpin’ Chips."

From left, GPC Dunwoody students Brenda Diaz and Ana Romero lead the Math Quiz show.

From left, GPC ENLISTEM math scholars Joe Caggiano and Justin Fredericksen put on their “Math-e-magical Show” for children using magic tricks. (photos by Marjorie Lewkowicz).

Elementary students learn math is magical, thanks to GPC students


Learning math and science is a lot of fun, and students in Marjorie Lewkowicz’s math classes want to prove it. For the past three years, the Georgia Perimeter Dunwoody math professor's students have volunteered at Austin, Dunwoody and Vanderlyn elementary schools. Their mission: to create a carnival-like atmosphere to help elementary school students understand math and science concepts.

From the science behind making ice cream—and then enjoying its creamy goodness—to creating and launching paper rockets; to hosting the “Mathemagical Show,” GPC students devise games that keep elementary-age students engaged, says Lewkowicz.

"We have so much fun—I really enjoy the experience," says GPC student Justin Fredericksen. Fredericksen and fellow student Joe Caggiano have devised magic card games behind the "Math-e-magical Show" for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field trips. "My strong suit was never in math as a child—I never saw how it could be fun and exciting. Now I enjoy getting kids interested in math and showing them that math can be applied in many different areas."

First launched as Math Night at Vanderlyn Elementary in 2012, the program has expanded  to include other Dunwoody elementary schools. It also has grown to include science and engineering games and projects. “The students always do a super job, and it’s a good learning experience for them as well," says Lewkowicz.

Other events include a STEM Day at Austin Elementary School on Friday, Oct. 30 and a STEM Night at Vanderlyn Elementary, Thursday, Nov. 5.